When you smile, sparks fly from you

@ariabellarises (1)

When you smile, sparks fly from you, lighting up the world.
Wowsers – what an incredible visual!
Seeing all those radiant sparks flying off you, lighting everything else up with your beautiful vibe.
How incredible!
Now you know this, are you going to smile more?
There is no truer quote than of the “If you smile, the world smiles with you”
Not only does it infect people with your deliciousness, it also vibes up our beautiful planet. Who needs it so desperately.
A smile does wonders for yourself as well, releasing all those feel good hormones into your system. Stopping those frown lines from becoming permanent and helping you to see just how magical the world can be.
“I allow my smile to spark the joy in millions. I allow my smile to radiate deep in Mother Earth”
Keep up those feel good juju’s and SMILE, SMILE, SMILE.
I’m smiling at you right now
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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