Let the fear propel you

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Let the fear propel you rather than stop you in your tracks.
It’s no lie, that fear will literally stop you in your tracks once the voice starts – it’s too dangerous, it’s not safe, we’ve never done that before.
But all it is, is a voice. A very smart at times voice, but a voice nonetheless.
This voice, it’s main objective is to keep you safe. To keep you keeping on. It is the voice of reason. That sums it up perfectly- it is your voice of reason.
But it is not your only voice. You have many that you can listen to, get advice from.
Then it is up to YOU to decide what to do, with ALL the information at hand.
And it doesn’t necessarily mean you do the thing that has been offered, or come up for you. It may mean doing something similar, or studying it first, working on something first. It is not a be all and end all type of situation.
What it isn’t designed to do, is literally stop you in your tracks and not move a muscle.
Hooly dooly, can you imagine if that was the case? You would have never learnt to walk, eat, talk or do anything!
So today, while you may not need to go do the thing. Most definitely allow it to take you a step in a certain direction.
And just remember, not all that we fear, we have to do. You’ll never see me jumping out of a plane or bungy jumping – but I have also acknowledged that, I do not fall into the fear or beating myself up about it, I’ve made peace with the fact it’s just not my thing.
Making peace with it, is the best gift you can give yourself.
“I use fear as a propellant to my next steps”.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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