Consider yourself lucky.

@ariabellarises (1)

Consider yourself lucky… and guess what you will be?!
Do you think you are a lucky person. Or do you prefer to think of yourself as unlucky and it’s sometimes a fluke if something does go your way?
What if, just for this moment, you decided you were going to be Lucky as can be, from here on out?
How does that feel for you?
Does it make you stand a little taller, and feel pretty damn good about yourself?
What if the Angels were to tell you, that if you think it, feel it and believe it – that actually you are lucky, lucky, lucky!
It is your thinking you are unlucky… that leads you to be that way.
You have all the luck in the world, the universe- if you want it.
So today, and every day, choose to be Lucky.
Choose to know that everything is going to go your way.
“I am lucky, every day, in every way”
Here’s to being lucky
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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