Make your own adventure


Make your own adventure.

Do you remember those books when you were young, where in the book, you could choose which path you took and you had to turn to that page and keep going on the adventure?

This message reminded me of those Choose your own adventure books. I mean how fab that they gave the younger generation a choice within the adventures.

Really, what a great set up for life! This is the thing, there are many paths you can take within your own adventure. Many, many paths. You are not just stuck on the one path and watch out, there is no way off.

While yes you have a destination, lessons that you are to accomplish this particular life time, it doesn’t mean that there are not variables and deviations that you can take to get there.

Some of those paths may be twisty and turny and you may wonder which is the right side up, others may be sparkly and straight. All of them will have something for you to learn, something to absorb, something to gain, no matter which way you choose.

And never fear, if you do deviate too long, or you do linger – the Angels and all your unseen crew will gently, or not so gently nudge you back in the right direction.

So go forth and make your own adventures, knowing you are safe and guided.

“I happily make my way through many adventures”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. amittras · November 10

    Nicely said.😊😊


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