Be bold, be brave


Be bold, be brave, be YOU!!

Today be brave and step out and do something bold!

Be it speaking up, trying that thing, wearing something different that you love – the list goes on.

But today, do it! The Angels want you to feel free in speaking up, being and doing you!

So today, take a small step to the ultimate freedom.

Stand tall and proud in whatever decision you choose to be bold and brave in.

Knowing it only matters what you think. Do not let anyone else in to burst your bubble.

You never know where the other person is coming from- be it jealousy, fear or whatever. But if it’s in the ‘do you really think you should be doing that etc’ area – know they are coming from a place of negativity and this is their own shit to deal with and honestly nothing at all to do with you.

So get your bold on.

Get your brave on.

And totally rock being unapologetically you.

“I am bold, I am brave, I am totally me and loving it”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. transformativenourishment · September 15, 2019

    Getting braver by the day my friend!!!


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