You are your home


You are your home, your safe place.
Funny how we always look outside of ourselves, to others, to a certain place, etc.
When really, we are our home, we are where we should feel safest.
Today, the Angels want to help you remember that is you. They want you to remember that it is you, you need. Not some external source.
“Angels help me to remember I am my safe place. I am my home”
Experiences have made us look to outside of ourselves, how we feel about ourselves, has made us look to everyone BUT ourselves. When really we are the most important person there is.
How can we ever truly feel safe. If we don’t feel safe in our own body and mind?
How can we truly ever feel at home (and what a glorious feeling that is) if we keep looking for it in certain people and places??
No wonder we all feel stressed, anxious and just not right. It is time to come back to ourselves. It is time to reclaim that feeling that we are home, and we are the safe place we need.
“I am my safe place”
Come back to this anytime you need to. It won’t happen overnight, but if you commit to remembering, it will come.
“I am my safe place”
Keep remembering, it is all you.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. Imani-Amour · September 9

    A way to know someone has made themselves their own home? They’re comfortable enough being alone that they will go back to that once they find a relationship or job isn’t helping them grow.


  2. Jerry Brotherton · September 9

    I agree my friend. If you can’t be comfortable as yourself and love yourself, it is impossible to truly love others.


  3. Carol Anne · September 11

    love this! ❤ thank you!


  4. transformativenourishment · September 15

    Yes girl! Such a beautiful message.


  5. Anna Waldherr · October 25

    I agree that we must learn to trust ourselves (and often re-learn this skill, if we have been exposed to trauma or abuse). I believe, however, that our ultimate safety rests w/ God. “Under His wings, shall you trust and find refuge” (Psalm 91: 4). Make no mistake. We will in this fallen world be exposed to danger and harm. But He promises to carry us through. ❤


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