Trust in yourself and the universe


Are you putting all your trust in yourself and the universe?
Time to go all in!
When we trust, things just fall into place. Daily just seems easier and we seem to flow. And things seem to flow to us. When we don’t trust, that is when our anxieties, stress, and worry go up.
Our how’s, why’s, ifs and buts skyrocket and we are constantly thinking of all we can do to make our life ‘better’.
Today the Angels want to remind us that by trusting ourselves, and the universe, all that crap will slowly ebb away. We will start trusting that we will be kept safe and looked after.
We will know that everything will always be okay. When you do your day, anytime you start doubting, fretting, worrying, etc. Just stop and say “I trust” and carry on what you are doing.
I’ve been doing this the last few weeks and I am amazed at the difference. When things could usually need to be triple-checked, I’ve trusted I have done it.
So do yourself a favour and remember to trust. You are your biggest cheerleader and saviour and the universe has your back.
It is time to start remembering that.
“I trust. I simply trust in myself and the universe”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. transformativenourishment · September 15

    Have to be mindful of this daily! So easy to go in the other direction if I’m not mindful!


    • Aria Bella · September 16

      Absolutely! I had a moment last week where I realised I wasn’t doing it, wasn’t pretty 🤣🤦‍♀️


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