Fake it till you make it


Fake it till you make it.
Live it like it’s already come to pass… Then one day soon you will realise you ARE living it and killing it at this thing called life.
You’ve totally got this!
If there is something you truly want, a life you want to be a certain way.
Then believe in it.
Believe in yourself that you will make it come to pass.
Start acting like it has, every second of every day.
And then BAM, one day you will turn around and realise that it is here, you’re doing it, you’re living it.
Because your belief in yourself making it happen, is your biggest battle.
Your utter trust in yourself and the universe, is what will get you there, and get you want you want.
Yes action is needed, you can’t sit around expecting it to come to you.
But the belief and trust has to come first, otherwise what kind of action would you be taking?
It would be a fear based action, rather than aligned knowing action.
It would be frantic action, rather than the gentle action.
If you already act like you’ve got the thing. It brings with it a certainty, a wholehearted knowing that it has come to pass, so of course you are going to get it. You believe so much, you are already living that damn life!!!
So if you gotta, fake it till you make it.
Live with the belief and the certainty that it is already here. Live like you’ve got it.
And watch with excited eyes and a fulfilled heart when it actually gets here.
Because it will, no doubt.
You’ve got this.
“I live my life already feeling the best of what I want. That I’ve got it, that I’ve made it. Because I have”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. Theoroachsolutions · March 18, 2019

    I love this metaphor and approach to life….. very powerful and inspirational!


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