Let the feelings of hell yeah! leak out today


Nothing beats getting that phone call that you got the job, or the YES from someone telling you they’ll be your friend.

The offers in life you’ve been waiting for that brings a can’t be helped smile to your dial.

Today create moments where that smile can come out and play. You know the one… the big cheesy grin that threatens to spill over your face! Yes that one!

How about we let it out today? How about we find ways in which we can let it today?

You don’t have to wait for those pure magic moments of amazingness, to let it come out to play… You can give it permission to come out any time it likes! You can also feel that same joy deep inside any time you like too! Imagine that!!!

So today, let that cheeky smile out. Let the feelings of hell yeah! leak out today.

Find ways in which you can make it happen today. All it takes is a choice from you. And BAM there’s that smile!!!!

“I choose to feel the excitement and accomplishment in all offers, big and small and allow my cheesy grin to take over”

Create those moments for yourself. You truly, truly deserve them.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Like sand through the hourglass


Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives…

You can let those grains slip through however you wish too…

But think on this… Do I want to truly live or merely exist? It is all up to you to decide… Let’s try living today! Anyone else say that in the voice?? Hehe.

Our lives are a giant hourglass… are we making those lives count?

Merely existing just isn’t cutting it anymore, do you feel that too? Doing the same old thing, every second of every day. It’s time to really start living! Whether it’s injecting some music into your life, to make whatever you are doing more fun, to catching up with people you haven’t been seeing, to absolutely anything!

You can make this as big or as small as you want! It is your life after all! But really think on how you are spending the minutes of your day and ask yourself are they honouring me? Or hindering me?

Only you can truthfully answer that and only you can change it! So is it time to shake up your life a little? Add more being in the present? Add more love and spice to it? This is your sign to go for it! Make your life meaningful!

“I live my life with vitality and wisdom and do everything I can to make it meaningful”

It may also be a case of truly opening your eyes and seeing how much meaning is already there.

Just a thought.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Your magnificence can bloom again


You may wilt and feel like you are going to crumble, but like a flower, by giving yourself some love, sunshine and water – your magnificence can bloom again.

We all have times where we feel like we could fall in a heap and never get up again. But here is what you need toremember… each and every time you have… you have pulled yourself back up again…

Time and time again. It is also a reminder to start filling your cup. And that the filling could happen while the wilt is on, rather than waiting for the crumble to happen.

That way your own version of love, sun and water perks you back up much faster each and every time. We are not built to keep on going and going and going.

We are not the energizer bunny and while it may seem like you can. Things inside start cranking a little slower, or things start to break up a little – that is a sign to put the tools down and do a bit of recuperation.

It doesn’t matter if it is for 5 minutes every so often, a full day or whatever works and you are guided to. The point is that you are filling yourself up to have all the energy and drive to start again. There is nothing at all on Earth or in nature that go, go, goes.

Everything has an ebb and flow. So why should we be any different… hint hint – we are not! So honour how your body, mind and spirit are feeling.

Check in often to see how they’re feeling and what they need from you. And go do that!

Each person is different in what they need, how much go they have in them and how much nurturing they need. Find what works for you and only you!

“I honour my cycles so I can continue to bloom like the exotic flower I am”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx



Infinity. That is really the amount of time you have.

The life your soul has. Learn to see time not as the enemy but as a friend. Instead of thinking of time, look at what you want to accomplish in a day and just do it. Time is irrelevant unless you give it relevance. Oooh what a juicy thought today is!

You may be in this particular body for a particular amount of time, but that soul that makes you you, that is what never changes no matter how many lives you have? That soul has no time limits- it is infinite.

So rather than think you don’t have all the time in the world, maybe it is time to start affirming to ourselves that actually we do have time, and plenty of it! Time really is irrelevant unless we choose to give it relevance.

If you need to get something done – you simply make it happen. It is only if we want an excuse, that we can blame time, as really we have all the time in the world, if we choose it so. We can sneak extra things into our days if we really really wanted to.

So today, it is time to start thinking of time as our friend. It is time to look at what needs to be done, and just actually doing it, without thinking about time or any other excuse. It is time to start thinking that we have all the time in the world and that we’ll truly get done all the things we are meant to do.

And that when our time is up… That it’s not the grand finale and that this life was just a blip on your radar… Remember you are infinite, you are a soul of the universe.

Time doesn’t have much meaning anywhere else!

“I know I am an infinite being of the universe and I aim to get all my soul’s work in this lifetime done, so there is no need to worry about time”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Love thyself. That is all the love that you truly need.

All the rest is just a bonus Happy Valentine’s Day to yourself lovers! Today is the day, if you haven’t already, to start treating yourself like the greatest love of your life!

Because guess what??!! You are!!! Everything in your world, stems from you! So why wouldn’t you want to fill it with all the dreaminess in the world?

When you love yourself- you attract that love to you from others. When you love yourself – you never get taken for granted, walked over, because you know what you’re worth, and it ain’t that. When you love yourself – you treat yourself like the queen or king that you are!

So when you look at it that way, why wouldn’t you love yourself the mostest?? And when you love yourself in this way? Any other love you receive is just a bonus, cause your getting it all from yourself anyways!

It’s being self sufficient in the best of ways. What are you going to do for yourself today? And every day? To let yourself know that you are the greatest???

“I truly wholeheartedly love myself. I am the best and live my life this way”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Beam that ray of light so bright


Beam that ray of light so bright.

Let it be your bat signal to attract all the amazingness into being. Beam it out far and wide!!!! When you beam it, it comes back to you. When you beam it, you cannot help but to attract amazingness back.

When you beam it, you are lighting up your darkness, which makes it that little bit harder for the murk to take over.

Every second of every day is a choice. A choice to choose light or dark, or a bit of grey. It isn’t the light or darks choice – no it is entirely up to you! So if crap is hitting the wall… ask yourself what are you choosing… and change it.

You have the power to do that. Sure you can wallow for a time, get it all out in a mini fit – but then it’s light game on! You have the power dear.

You’ve always had the power… You just maybe gave it away for a time. No longer!

The day is here to choose the light!! Send out your own version of the bat signal and wait for the rad stuff to start happening. Because it will absolutely happen. And don’t be swayed by bad moments… They of course are going to sometimes happen, that’s life.

But gauranteed. You’ll swing back much faster when you choose the light way.

“I choose to beam my light and happily receive all that lightness back in epic ways. I am the light”

Be shining bright.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

I am what I am and that is completely glorious!


I am what I am and that is completely glorious!

Shout it out loud. Sing it and do a little shuffle. Repeat it till you feel it. I am what I am and that is completely glorious!!! I am what I am and that is completely glorious!!!!

Time to shout it from the rooftops! Time to truly believe it with every fiber of your being! If you don’t believe you are glorious… how do you expect anyone else to treat you for the glorious radness that you are?

Sure they may have their moments, but the feelings you have for yourself are going to sink into them too. Do you really want that??

Today is the the day to say no freaking more to this. If you hate being treated a certain way – it’s time for the better treatment to begin with you! You treating you right!!! If you can’t do it for yourself, you can’t expect to find it outside of yourself.

So every day, over and over, say it, sing it, shout it, whisper it… just do it!

“I am what I am and that is completely glorious”

Because you are! You are not just your experiences, your job, your clothes, your looks. You are the whole kit and caboodle and then some! You are light and joy, dark and gloomy, weird and wacky, loving and lovely. You are everything!

And if you learnt to see that in the best possible way – you’d be an unstoppable love train!

So now is the time to start believing in you! Are you going to?

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Nail down what you truly truly desire


Nail down what you truly truly desire.

Go deep and drill down into the core of this desire, the big why’s, the way it’ll make you feel when you achieve it. Then act on what you can and hand the controls over to us to help manifest it into being.

This may sound simple enough to read, but do any of us truly do this often enough? To truly recognise ALL our desires, the why it is there, the woohoo of achieving it??

We don’t need to get bogged down in the how’s. We just need to unveil that it is what we want. Then step out of the way. Yes we’ve got to take action.

But no we don’t have to know every twist and turn we gotta take. The best you can do once you’ve uncovered it, is to surrender.

Surrender to the universe – knowing that it will happen in divine timing. Surrender knowing that what you desire, or something even bigger and better will come to pass.

Surrender knowing, that actually you might have been a little off and what will come to pass is actually a little course correction as you unveil a different desire. We also need to remember how it felt to uncover, to imagine acing it.

So each and every day, you can tap into that feeling, to remind you why you’re hustling so hard. To remind you what is at stake and what can come to be.

To remind you of your hearts desires, when you feel like you are getting no where.

To remind you when the path gets a lil rocky, exactly why you are travelling down it.

“I feel for my deepest desires, turn them into rockstar goals then go for it, with the help of my crew and the universe”.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Have you ever been so happy you could burst?


Have you ever been so happy you could burst?

Tears of joy streaming down your face and you just cannot contain yourself? Remember that, and let us help you tap into that every time you need a little joyous pick me up!

Can you remember that? That amazing, almost overwhelming feeling of absolute joy and happiness??

That is available to you any time you need it. Not just when there is something to celebrate or what have you. Feel that feeling now.

Close your eyes and let it take you back to a time you felt like this. It could have been a big momentous event or not. But just let it take you back.

Allow yourself to be taken over by these feelings… That uncontrollable smile that threatens to burst your cheeks. Those tears that you can’t even help but to leak. That heart that fills fit to bursting, you just cannot contain it.

Any other thoughts, feelings and emotions that come with that memory. See you just conjured up that feeling without Any thing significant happening to get it. You can use that anytime you like….

When you are feeling low or need a boost. When you’re sad and a bit lonely. Any time at all! I’d suggest doing once a day, so you can start bring that ultimate joy to your life daily and with ease!

And if you’re struggling, you know who you can call on to assist… Yep your angels!

“I feel these amazingly awesome feelings of joy whenever I need a pick me up”

Happy joyful day to you!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx