Do simple


Do simple.
Some things do not need to be hard or technically difficult. Go back to basics.
Go back to basics!
Such a simple sentence, such a hard thing to follow.
We over complicate our lives so much, do you agree?
We have to do this, that, this and more of that before we are satisfied.
We pile on huge expectations of ourselves, for whatever reason.
How about we stop putting so much pressure on ourselves, and get back to basics.
Rather than the million and one things we say we have to do each and every day – why not choose one or two and go from there?
Rather than having to be here, there and everywhere- why not choose to just go one place and take it from there.
Rather than need all these fancy things, just because – why not just be stupidly happy with one thing, or what you already have and go from there?
Stop making it all so hard on yourself!
It’s all these expectations that lead to burn out because you are just expecting so much of yourself.
Want to create a routine- choose one thing.
Once you’ve mastered it and it comes naturally- add to it if you want to, or don’t!
Our needs change so what we need one day, we may not need the other. And that is totally okay.
Go back to basics today.
“I know in my heart what I need to feel right each day, and I just do that. Simple, effective and perfect for me”
Simple. Quick. Effective.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. popsiclesociety · February 27, 2019

    Wise words 💕


  2. Sasha · March 3, 2019

    I can certainly relate! Thanks for the reminder to keep it simple!


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