Place your hand on your heart


Place your hand on your heart.
Feel the beat there. Let it fill all of you up. There is no better sound than the sound of life.
No better sound at all.
It is the sound of life.
It is the sound of promise. The promise of a new day, a new beginning, the promise of being alive.
Least this be the soundtrack to your life.
Let this sound propel you forward.
Let this sound be what makes you want to live, to thrive.
Without this, we are not here.
Without knowing this, we cannot truly love.
Today, take some time to be with your heart today.
To feel the love it produces and the physical beat it brings.
Let this fill you and to propel you to want to live.
A thriving life, not just one of merely existing.
You owe your heart more than that.
You owe your soul more than that.
“I use the beat of my heart to propel me to greatness and use it as my soundtrack – to life and love”
Let it fill you today and every day.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. sheridanpartyof4 · February 23, 2019

    This is so beautiful I love it!!!


    • Aria Bella · February 23, 2019

      Thanks so much lovely! Enjoy getting in touch with your heart!


  2. Miriam · February 23, 2019

    Beautiful. Heartwarming ❤️


  3. Sasha · February 24, 2019

    I was just thinking how grateful I am to be alive! This meditation is perfect – thank you!


    • Aria Bella · February 24, 2019

      It is something so often taken for granted! So welcome sweets


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