Don’t hold anything in


Don’t hold anything in.
Let it out in a safe and loving way! Stuffing in only leads to problems later. Let it all out!!
We can safely say that anything that doesn’t feel quite right in your body or mind can all be linked back to holding emotions and feelings in.
When we choose to stuff down what we are feeling or experiencing – we are telling that certain something that it is somehow wrong, shameful or shouldn’t be felt.
When that is furtherest from the truth.
You should feel everything that comes up for you. Good or bad, happy or sad.
They all serve a purpose and what you do with them is all on you.
Do you want to stuff them down, till they have no other way of leaking out in the form of disease and other such similar things.
Or do you want to feel them as soon as they arrive, so they can be processed, felt and honoured and will wisp away leaving you light as a feather?
I know which one I’d prefer!
Today, choose to feel rather than stuff.
Today choose to honour yourself and how you feel.
Today choose to allow everything about you to bubble up to the surface and be truly felt.
“I feel what needs to be felt”
It’s as simple as that.
Feel and then move on.
No dwelling.
Till next time… keepwalking your spiritual path xx


  1. Sasha · February 22, 2019

    I love this. Today I am grateful to be able to feel a wide range of emotions!


    • Aria Bella · February 23, 2019

      That is most definitely something to be grateful for!


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