Life can have those ups and downs


Life can have those ups and downs, those topsy turvy moments where you no longer know which is the right way.

But that is living, that is the beauty of being clothed in human form. It shows us how absolutely magnificent life can be, and how strong we are when it is not all sunshine and roses. It is those moments that make us stronger.

It is those moments that show us how we’d prefer our life to actually be.

Can you imagine if like was just always sunshine and lollipops?

I know in theory it sounds like a magical place to be but let me tell you. We’d never learn how to be happy or sad, mad or glad.

We’d almost be like these robots that just were every day. You’d never find out what you love or don’t love. The list goes on.

Being human means learning… and that is the good and bad learning kind. We wouldn’t be equipped with ego’s and our flight or fight response if we weren’t meant to sometimes venture into the shitty side of life.

That’s what living is all about! But that doesn’t also mean that you can swim in these murky waters constantly and put it down to living. The murk is only there to help lead us back to the beauty of life. It was never intended to be your resting place.

So today, it is time to have a look in the mirror and honestly ask yourself…

Are you allowing yourself to constantly be in the murky waters? Or do you just let them propel and water your beautiful roses? It is up to us to decide if we stay there, no one else can make the decision. So what are you choosing today?

“I use the murky waters to propel me to greatness. They are a stepping stone to my beautiful life”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. transformativenourishment · February 20, 2019

    Yes girl🙌 The most difficult times have brought the most growth and awareness which is only given me more joy in the long run!


    • Aria Bella · February 20, 2019

      Exactly! Amazing how you think the worst, is the worst till you can look back!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sasha Menkes · February 20, 2019

    Life isn’t easy. But it IS beautiful, weird, hard, lovely, funny and more. Thank you for your posts – I really enjoy reading them as a daily meditation. xo


    • Aria Bella · February 20, 2019

      It is definitely all of that! Aww thanks sweets, so glad you love them


  3. Rock My Star · February 21, 2019

    Truly you are…..


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