Beam that ray of light so bright


Beam that ray of light so bright.

Let it be your bat signal to attract all the amazingness into being. Beam it out far and wide!!!! When you beam it, it comes back to you. When you beam it, you cannot help but to attract amazingness back.

When you beam it, you are lighting up your darkness, which makes it that little bit harder for the murk to take over.

Every second of every day is a choice. A choice to choose light or dark, or a bit of grey. It isn’t the light or darks choice – no it is entirely up to you! So if crap is hitting the wall… ask yourself what are you choosing… and change it.

You have the power to do that. Sure you can wallow for a time, get it all out in a mini fit – but then it’s light game on! You have the power dear.

You’ve always had the power… You just maybe gave it away for a time. No longer!

The day is here to choose the light!! Send out your own version of the bat signal and wait for the rad stuff to start happening. Because it will absolutely happen. And don’t be swayed by bad moments… They of course are going to sometimes happen, that’s life.

But gauranteed. You’ll swing back much faster when you choose the light way.

“I choose to beam my light and happily receive all that lightness back in epic ways. I am the light”

Be shining bright.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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