We hear you loud and clear.


We hear you loud and clear.

All those thoughts running through your head. Learn to invite us in so we can assist you. With manifesting or helping to clear some of the baggage.

Let’s just say that even the most chilled person, has millions of thoughts trickling through their head, it’s the nature of our minds after all.

Your Angels, unseen crew and universe can hear all these thoughts. Eeek – what would your thoughts be saying about you??? Start inviting them in being part of a process, if you want to manifest what you’re thinking of – start asking for assistance.

If you want help removing some of the baggage that continuously revolves around your head – start asking for assistance. Now I’ve said this a billion times, but it bears repeating…

While we may not be able to help the first shitty thought that pops up in our head – we most certainly can do something the second, third and fourth time we have that same blooming thought.

WE have control over our thinking, it may not seem it at first, but we most definitely do.

If you’ve been someone that thinks straight away to the negative, of course that’s going to be your default setting… but default settings can be changed.

Start asking for help from the unseen to clear up your thoughts. Start asking them to help clear out the baggage. Start asking them to be able to see the positives. Start asking them to help manifest the good stuff you want.

Become a co-creator with the universe, and watch things begin to shift for you.

“I clear up my thinking, with help if I need it, so I can align with my higher self and wants”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. simplywendi · February 3, 2019

    I have never thought of asking my angels for help. bless you…….I am going to try this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Vrunda · February 3, 2019

    I love to read this. Feel protected and good

    Liked by 1 person

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