Love is all around you if you open your heart to it.


Love is all around you if you open your heart to it.

Learn to see it in every little experience. Just like we can choose to see the good or the bad, the positive or the negative… we can choose to see love in everything.

Whether it be happening to you, someone else or the world at large… you can choose to see love in everything. If you struggle to see it, affirm to yourself that you want to see the love, the light in everything. And consciously choose to find it.

Especially in the stuff you might take a different thought on, try to see the love in the situation. Nothing is ever as cut and dried as we think.

Let your heart lead the way. It won’t guide you wrong. The beauty of this, by seeing love in everything, we attract that pure love into our lives because we naturally radiate what we choose to seek.

So seek love today. Choose it when you feel yourself slipping or in a situation that has you reacting.

“I choose to radiate love and see love everywhere”

It will be there, even if it is hidden a little bit, but we know you can find it.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx



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  2. velmadunkin · February 1, 2019

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  3. stoner on a rollercoaster · February 1, 2019


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