You are the power

16th January-1.jpg

You have the power! You are the power.

Stand strong and tall in your power today and every day. Hooly dooly, do you ever have the power!! Now to some, this may want you to shy away and go no thank you!

And others may go yeah, bring it! While there is nothing wrong with either of those… let’s chat about your power. Your power is a beautiful part of you! It’s a part of the cosmos. It is inherently you!

So there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. We see power as this scary, badass thing. That can do bad things, good things etc. But your power is neither good nor bad, it just is. It is how you choose to wield it, that determines whether it is good or bad.

And you have that power too. It all comes down to what you choose. Using your power isn’t going to bring bad to you or others.

Using your power isn’t going to make you wrong or nasty. Using your power isn’t going to make you a megalomaniac. Instead think of your power as a backbone.

Something that helps you stand tall. Think of it as this pure spotlight, just waiting to light up the dark. Your power is incredible. Just as you are incredible.

But don’t think that by hiding it or giving it away – that you are doing yourself any favours… because you are not. When you do this, you’re letting a part of you go. You are letting others have the opportunity to use it against you.

You will know something is missing and not right. So today, is the day to say enough! My power is mine and mine alone!

“My power is my strength. I use it with pure intention”

Take back your power today!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. simplywendi · January 16, 2019

    thank you so very much for always being a place i can turn for encouragement. i deeply appreciate it.


  2. coach4aday · February 2, 2019

    Thanks for the follow and like


  3. Carol Anne · March 21, 2019

    I love this! Do you write all of your own posts? You hit it spot on here aria! xo


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