Only you hold you back.

13th January-1.jpg

Only you hold you back. Only you can fly and create unbelievable experiences.

Only you can have the full power to have/be/do anything you wish to…. with a little sprinkling of Universe magic to help you along your way when YOU decide. It is all you, you, YOU! Did you get that???

When we realise it is ALL up to us. That is is when our lives can transform. When we shed the buts.

When we realise that no matter what, we get to choose. That we choose every moment and thing in our life. Whether we realise it or not. It can be a hard pill to swallow.

Think those horse sized vitamin tablets with no water hard.

But when we finally get it… wow weight lifted right there. See everything is energy, and if we are constantly negative, woe is me – then guess what we are going to attract.

If we keep seeing the poop in every little moment, of course life is going to be tough, crappy and not all that pleasant.

But oh, if we can roll with the punches, see a positive no matter what, if we can visualise amazingness coming into our lives… then life is going to be smelling more like roses every single day.

So today, choose to stop holding yourself back. Choose to stand in your power and positively declare what you want your life to be life.

Then let the universe work with you to make it happen. It’s not a case of if but when!

“I am choosing to soar, to create a magical life with the universe”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx



  1. Patty Richardson · January 14

    Loved this! Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing! 💙


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