Bills mean you are alive and living.


Money is the energy of love exchanging and thanking you for its service. For doing what you’re doing. For having all these magical things like electricity at our finger tips.

Bills mean you are alive and living. Thank you thank you thank you for the ability to have all these things. To be paid and to live well. We can think pretty horribly of money, and our bills.

When really, all they are, are a physical representation of energy exchange. Nothing more, nothing less. When you look at money like that, it’s nothing to be scared of, hated or any such thing.

If you value your energy and time. You will value money. If you value all the things around you, you will value money, and your bills!

As your bills, are just love for services provided.

You got to keep warm, or cold – thank you electricity!

Here’s some love for your services. You got to have a warm shower- thank you gas! Here’s some love for your services. When you think in this way, how can you not love money, and your bills??

Money is just a love exchange. Today, affirm to yourself that money is a love exchange. To be loved and shared.

“Money is a love exchange, I love having it, I love using it, I just simply love it”

When you love money, money will love you back tenfold… which means more money to love!

Love is what makes the world go round, and money is just a physical form of it. So next time you want to moan about money… love on it instead!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


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