Joy is a completely normal way of being


Joy is a completely normal way of being, honestly it is… some just seemed to have buried it under a pile of goop.

Today is the day to reclaim that natural joy that is just chomping at the bit to be felt. Make the statement “I am ready to feel my joy” and be open to it.

It is amazing how when you peel back all our layers, joy is one of the founding feelings under all the goop. Today, is your reminder to allow your natural joy to shine in your life.

To see all the little joys around you, as you did when you were first placed upon this planet. Let that joy seep into every fibre of your being again, so it can remember what it feels like to feel joy. So that your body can be in this state all the time, rather than on those few occasions you allow it.

You don’t need to try hard to feel the joy. It’s been with you all along. You just need to open up and allow it. You just need to choose to feel it. To see it. To taste it. To LIVE it.

Then see your world transform. Imagine what you could attract if you were in this state more often then not.

Imagine how delighted your body would feel, if it got to live in this state more often.

“I allow my joy to flow through every part of my being. Filling me up and feeling it always”

Keep joying.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. Carol Anne · January 10, 2019

    Yes! We should let it shine! 😀


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