Just open your heart up wide and go for gold


Love is all around, love is what makes the Earth spin round. Love can soothe and love can harm. Love is what you do with no ulterior motives, what ifs or what not. It is loving on anyone, anything and yourself with no hidden agenda or thought to it. Just open that heart up wide and go for gold.

Wow reading that packs quite a punch doesn’t it. Are you loving the right way? Without expectations? It can be easy to get caught up in the buts of our love. But (hehe) there are no buts in true love.

You love regardless. You love with your whole body, mind and soul. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a bit human and have moments. But it means always stepping back into true love. Love with no ifs, buts or what have yous.

No, I will love you if you do this or don’t do that. How can that be true love, if we love with these kinds of expectations and therefore punishments- when you or someone else doesn’t get it quite right. It doesn’t mean you put up with crap.

It doesn’t mean you stop continually growing and evolving. But it does mean, wholeheartedly loving yourself and those around you. Knowing that you and the others will be an even better person because of it. And if you do slip up.

Give yourself and the other involved, the gift of raising your hand and acknowledging you have slipped, and dropping back into that Love. For this Love? Will move mountains. This Love? Will change the world for the better.

So today, gift the gift of true love, especially for yourself.

“I love without condition, always and forever. Knowing if I slip out of it, I can drop back into it with ease. I LOVE”

You cannot change what is around you, but you can change how you feel about it. So today choose the ultimate Love.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx



  1. DutchIl · January 6, 2019

    “Portrait of a Friend”

    I can’t give solutions to all of life’s problems, doubts,
    or fears. But I can listen to you, and together we will
    search for answers.

    I can’t change your past with all it’s heartache and pain,
    nor the future with its untold stories.
    But I can be there now when you need me to care.

    I can’t keep your feet from stumbling.
    I can only offer my hand that you may grasp it and not fall.

    Your joys, triumphs, successes, and happiness are not mine;
    Yet I can share in your laughter.

    Your decisions in life are not mine to make, nor to judge;
    I can only support you, encourage you,
    and help you when you ask.

    I can’t prevent you from falling away from friendship,
    from your values, from me.
    I can only think of you, talk to you and wait for you.

    I can’t give you boundaries which I have determined for you,
    But I can give you the room to change, room to grow,
    room to be yourself.

    I can’t keep your heart from breaking and hurting,
    But I can cry with you and help you pick up the pieces
    and put them back in place.

    I can’t tell you who you are or who you will be
    I can only love you and be your friend
    (Adam Clarke)


  2. velmadunkin · January 6, 2019

    Reblogged this on fiercefabulousfunny and commented:
    I choose love.


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