Seek wisely

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What you seek, you shall find. Seek wisely.

Have you ever noticed, when you’ve fixated on something or continually thought about something – it shows up in some way or another?

Today is a reminder that you, your unseen crew and the universe will conspire and try as hard as they can to bring what you are thinking on into your life.

So be careful with your seeking. Don’t keep coming back to thoughts of woe, things you don’t want and things you want changed- because you just might bring more into your life that.

Instead choose to focus on the greatness you do want.

The beauty you do want.

The joy and peace you do want.

Because what you seek, you shall find.

Make the findings the great ones you want and not the crap you are trying to avoid.

Make sure what you put out, is high vibe and worth your while!

They are just waiting to hand you all your desires!

“I know what I think and desire comes to me easily, so I keep it high vibe and positive”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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