Your Light of Love Shines Through


Let the light of love shine through.

When you let the light of love shine through, you are already a winner!

The light of love casts everything in it’s magic, and it makes everything more enjoyable, more palatable, just more.

And when we let the light of love shine through – our actions, words and experiences are so much better, because how can they not be when love is all over it?

Casting love, doesn’t mean it is hiding the less desirable, or anything like that, it is not an excuse to bury your head in the sand. What is does though is highlight the good within the so called bad, it highlights our lessons and teachings.

It gives us greater strength, so we know we can get through anything. And it allows us to feel and receive love like never before. Sign me up for that!

“I choose to cast the light of love into every nook and cranny of my life, basking in this light.”

Enjoy the love! Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx



  1. righteousbruin9 · November 15, 2018

    So true, and even a recent difficult experience imparted lessons to me, which have been beneficial. Waling in love light will always be a protection against the lower self.


  2. velmadunkin · November 15, 2018

    Reblogged this on fiercefabulousfunny and commented:
    Let the light shine


  3. Carol Anne · March 20, 2019

    I chosee to let the light shine and love flow!


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