Use Your Emotions To Fuel You


Use your emotions to fuel you.

Emotions can either sink us into a pile, or we can use them to power us forward.

Why would we want them to sink us into a pile of goo, if we could instead us them for good and propel us forward?

There is also no law, in sinking, and then finally standing strong. Our emotions can be one of our greatest assets, if we use them correctly.

If we feel them and then allow them to grow us in a way that is for our highest good. They can be our worst enemy if all we do is dwell in them, not feeling, but stuffing but still swimming in their gloomy depths.

They are meant to be felt, and then to look at the most positive way of utilising them. Then you can go on to do amazing things with that emotion.

“I feel my emotions, and allow them to propel me to my highest good”

Remember they can either be your most treasured gift, or your greatest enemy – you get to choose which one they are for you.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. righteousbruin9 · October 22, 2018

    How true, and how vital it is for a person to not be a slave of the tool of emotion.


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