Angelical Ramblings: The Halo Slips


The back patio was a freaking mess of saw dust, off cuts, nails and tools. Now to give you a bit of info, I had been cleaning this damn patio slowly all week as I was getting it ready for my birthday celebrations the following weekend so to see it in such a state, I must say I was pissed.

As I stood there flinging bits of wood around, cursing up a storm, demanding as to whether his friend had even offered to help (he hadn’t) and basically a bunch of what the hells.

My partner finally said – Where’s your compassionate side gone? You know he came here because he is struggling and we were able to help him. Of course he didn’t think to ask to clean up as at the moment it is all about him, he can’t see outside of that.

WOW, now my partner doesn’t talk like this much. I am usually the light and compassion and he is the complete opposite. So to hear him call me out on it was eye opening to say the least.

And I realised he was completely right. This was our way of giving back to his friend and hopefully left a bright light in his day.

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One comment

  1. manyofus1980 · August 25, 2018

    It sounds like you were stressed out! Bet your partner calling you out on it made you think though. xx


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