Bravely Step Forward



The Angels and all the magicness of the universe truly believe that you can do anything you possibly put your mind too. So bravely step forward into unknown territory. Into feeling amazing every day. Into being boldly you.

You have the power and strength at your disposal – so use it!

Choose to no longer be afraid of what is coming – instead open your arms wide and embrace every experience of this human life. Soak it up like a parched plant.

“I bravely step forward in all areas of my life, knowing I am fully supported and I will rock it no matter what comes my way”

We are all behind you, cheering you on with pom poms a bouncing and whistles a blowing.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


Juiciness Is In The Hard Yards


How many times have you come out of something really challenging with a big smile on your dial and that sense of recognition that you worked your booty off and this was your reward?

Or you can finally look back on tough times in the past and realised they helped shape a pretty amazing person – which is you by the way! While in the midst of these hard yards, we may not be able to appreciate all of the wisdom it is going to instil in us.

Maybe it is time we did, so they don’t seem quite so hard and challenging as usual. There is nothing stopping you from enjoying the wisdom during it, rather than waiting for the penny to drop after the fact, which let’s face it, can sometimes take years. If we remember that the universe is always giving us juiciness for our own wonderful evolution – then we can get through anything!

They would never give us anything we couldn’t handle and maybe that is what you need to remember today.

“I relish in the juiciness of my experiences”

You are a pillar of strength, of human gusto and everything you do, you have access to learning, you have access to how much you let it affect you, really my dear you hold all the cards.

“I hold the cards of my journey”

Choose which cards you hold today – all the aces, or all the duds – it is up to you to decide.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Be Who You Want To Be

34558714_10160364547635099_1454318249033334784_n.pngBe who you want to be.

Embrace it, act with certainty that you are everything you want to be and more. Then Surrender. The Angels want to remind you that the more you act like everything has come to pass that you wish for, aspire to be and so forth – the closer it comes to you, until one day you wake and realise that everything has come to pass.

When we confidently are aware that everything we want is only a touch away and that we can manifest and be anything we want to be – that is when the magic can happen. There is also a need for deep surrender in this process as well, knowing that everything you have put out will come to pass.

When we surrender, it shows our faith in our own abilities and those of the universe around us. It allows the universe to bring what we want OR even better to us, which we sometimes cannot fully comprehend for ourselves.

“I am exactly who I aspire to be and have everything I could possibly want, I thank and surrender to the universe now to bring it to me tenfold”

Be the you that you want to be today. Act like you have all your wishes fulfilled and walk with a gentle certainty and confidence that you are everything.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Letting Go of Old Stories


Let go of old stories you no longer need.

Pick a new chapter today.

The Angels want you to know that you no longer have to keep dragging that story around like a ball and chain. Imagine all your old stories that no longer serve the you that you have become, dragging behind you as ball and chains – how heavy and draining is that.

Gee look at all those balls that no longer represent the you that you are choosing to be or aiming to be. Today, let them go. It is safe and okay to not need them anymore, to not drag them around with you everywhere you go.

Imagine a key unlocking each and every chain to those balls and setting you free. See the balls rolling away into the great beyond. It can be as easy or hard as you make it. Do some work around them if you are struggling to send them on their merry way.

Why do you feel you need to keep yourself chained to this story? What is its purpose in your life now? How would you be without it? Is it worth feeling that way if you were to let it go?

By letting go, doesn’t mean you forget what happened, what has been, who you have been and who has been there. It is simply letting go of the stories – the emotions and words you tell yourself around this story that you are letting go.

The experience and past is still there for you. It is not going anywhere. But you can choose to grow from these rather than weigh yourself down with them.

“I choose to let go of the stories weighing me down and only be inspired by the experiences”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

A Life Full of Shine


Let yourself shine so shiny things can come back to you.

The Angels want you to know that when you shine, you attract beautiful shiny things back to you. It’s a no brainer really to shine is it?? Even on a gloomy day, you can choose to shine shine shine – you just have to will it so and change the gloom into a sunshiny day.

“I will my life to be full of shine on any given day”

Many of us believe that we have no choice, that when things are not going right – we have no choice over it. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. You are the maker of your own destiny.

You can choose to have a choice in any given moment. You can choose the shine over the gloom any second you wish to. While you may not be able to have full control over everything, the best and most easiest thing you do have control over is your choice to react. How you react and what you do from that reaction.

If things are not going your way, it seems there is no way out – how are you going to choose to react??

Are you going to bring on the same stuff because you chose to react with negativity and a mindset of ‘this always happens to me’, ‘why me’ and all the other woe is me stories we tell ourselves?

Or are you going to choose to act positively no matter what is thrown at you, to choose to soak in the lessons and experiences that are being thrown your way, to know that somewhere, somehow we are co-creating our life – so what can we do to change it?

Then know when that shine is a shining – all sorts of magical shiny stuff will come our way.

“I allow shiny magical things into my world because I deserve them and I willed them into being”

I know what I am choosing today! You??

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

A Commitment… to Ourselves


I’ve really been thinking on commitment lately.

I am a bit of a typical Gemini in my thoughts as in one sentence I will say I am totally happy with how things are and in the next moment I am saying how much I would love to be a MRS.

It always got me thinking how much was my thoughts and not the projections of others, how much was because I was doing what my partner wanted, how much was my neediness… the list goes on.

But today I really got triggered by reading something someone had written.

Read more.

Why You Need Meditation


Meditation is good for the soul, for the whole body and your mind. Go indulge today!

If you want an all-out activity that is going to soothe every single part of you and your senses – go meditate!! It doesn’t have to be long, hard or full on. Meditation comes in all shapes and sizes – you just have to find the ones that fit.

A really easy meditation to do is mindfulness – this can be done anywhere – making dinner, washing the dishes, hanging the clothes out. All it asks you to do is be fully present in the moment, focusing on what you are doing, listening to the sounds around you and just being in that moment.

If you struggle with mind chatter, then guided meditation or ones where you need to chant may work for you as it helps to keep those natters to the background. I personally love going outside and focussing on the sounds around me.

The birds chattering, the distant sound of cars. Feeling the sun or breeze on my face, really helping to anchor me in my body as I take in those sensations. Not only does it bring your stress levels down, it allows your body to go into its optimum level for relaxation and healing. It gives your mind permission to take a break – although your mind will still have thoughts, so do not think you are doing it wrong just because it is still carrying on, it is its job.

Just allow them to flow without focussing on them. It brings your soul to the fore as well. So it is really the best all round exercise that you can possibly do for your wellbeing. Even if you think you are not a meditator – and my hand is up on this one. Keep at it and give yourself a few minutes every day, increasing if you can to get some of that deep AH into your day.

Your heart, body, soul and mind will thank you!

“I allow myself to meditate for the best of me”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Choose Amazing Today


Everything is only as you make it. Let’s choose amazing!!

Every single moment you are making a choice whether you realise it or not. A choice to be overworked, not have enough – time, money, brains etc. But in the same way you choose the above, you can also choose to not feel that way.

Rather than focusing on all you have to do. Focus on the most important task and forget about the rest until it is finished, then move onto the next.

If you feel you don’t have enough of anything – who says?? You are the one carrying that story, so choose to rewrite it, choose to feel differently.

You have all the time in the world to do whatever you like. You can have all the money in the world, if you want it bad enough. You have the brains and beauty – you just have to see it.

Every day is a choice, has choosing the shit been working for you? The heavy ho hum? So today choose Amazing!

Choose to see the wonders, choose to believe you are limitless in all areas of your life.

“I choose amazing. I am limitless and my free will leans towards amazing every time”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

How To Be


How to be?? Just be!! Simple really.

It really can be that simple. To just simply be. How blessed would we feel if we didn’t have to attach certain expectations, labels, ways of being, what we do and just simply be.

All that stuff you should be doing? How about you just be and let come up what needs to be done and go do it!

That relationship and how it should be? Why not let it be and just swim in the delight currents of what is and realise it is what it is, without any labels, should be’s or anything else. That it is perfect exactly how it is, regardless of anything else.

How you are? How about you just be and let you bubble to the surface??!!

In any way, shape or form that is. Let you rise and act and be in the moment, how you truly want to be.

Today, take simple pleasure in just being. No struggle or strain.

Just intuitively knowing what needs to be done and that everything is freaking perfect as it is. Full stop, not buts or anything.

“I allow myself to simply be”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

Loving The Ride Called Life


Loving this ride called life!! Woooooo!!!!

What an epic ride! Take all of the best rides, theme parks, and shows – roll it into one ball of fun and that is your life baby!!!!

Learn to love everything about your life – it has got you to where you are now and turned you into the amazing person you are.

Without any of these experiences – you wouldn’t be the you that you are today. And there are so many more to come! The choices and possibilities are endless – how cool is that!!!

Seriously – your life can be anything you make it, anything you desire and dream. With a bit of sweat, possibly some tears and a lot of heart and you can do anything you choose too! So today, dream big!

Don’t think of any limitations, because the only limitations are the ones you create for yourself. So dream big and freely and see where you want your life to go. Imagine it in all its beauty, feel it, see it, smell it.

Then surrender and know in some form, either exactly like your dream, or even bigger and better – you will get it.

As long you do the work they show you in this wonderful co-creation that is life.

“I choose to love my life and dream big!! Knowing all is happening for me”

So strap in your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx