Stopped By Fear


I was literally handed a golden opportunity a couple of weeks ago, which I didn’t even really look at till last night and promptly, in my mind said a direct HELL NO to it.

I was asked to go to Sydney in August to come along to an absolutely incredible ladies world-wide adventure.  To give them my super special Angel Readings and lend my energy to their day.

I mean, she asked little old ME!!! Like that is out of this world, big step in the right direction incredible for me, and my first thoughts were good god no.

And I let this carry on ALL night. Even with encouraging words from one of my besties, I was still caught up in my sheer terror.

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  1. shoniessky · June 26, 2018

    Look at fear and say ( you will not stop me!! ….. I say go for it sounds like a great opportunity

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  2. shoniessky · June 26, 2018

    You’re very welcome

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