Loving The Ride Called Life


Loving this ride called life!! Woooooo!!!!

What an epic ride! Take all of the best rides, theme parks, and shows – roll it into one ball of fun and that is your life baby!!!!

Learn to love everything about your life – it has got you to where you are now and turned you into the amazing person you are.

Without any of these experiences – you wouldn’t be the you that you are today. And there are so many more to come! The choices and possibilities are endless – how cool is that!!!

Seriously – your life can be anything you make it, anything you desire and dream. With a bit of sweat, possibly some tears and a lot of heart and you can do anything you choose too! So today, dream big!

Don’t think of any limitations, because the only limitations are the ones you create for yourself. So dream big and freely and see where you want your life to go. Imagine it in all its beauty, feel it, see it, smell it.

Then surrender and know in some form, either exactly like your dream, or even bigger and better – you will get it.

As long you do the work they show you in this wonderful co-creation that is life.

“I choose to love my life and dream big!! Knowing all is happening for me”

So strap in your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. velmadunkin · June 7, 2018

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    Love this! A great perspective on this crazy little thing we call life


  2. dray0308 · June 7, 2018

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