Smiling Through The Joy and Pain


Joy sweet joy can fill you at any time. Sorrow sweet sorrow can fill you at any time.

You decide. It is the classic case of you can choose to feel any way you wish too, it is all up to you. And honestly, neither actually mean good or bad – it is what you decide they mean that gives it meaning.

Now you may be shaking your head and say uh uh, not so.

But have you ever seen 2 people go through similar experiences and yet one is full of hate and never ending sagas and the other is full of positivity and no matter what life throws at them, they always see the good? That can be you too.

You get to decide in any moment how you are going to feel. It isn’t stuffing down the crap, or choosing to never feel it. It is in spite of feeling it, that you can still smile and know there is a lesson in here for you.

That no matter what, the stars are going to shine again for you and that rainbow is going to appear at any second. Life is happening for us in every moment. So rejoice in.

Promise yourself to feel every range of emotions and experiences this life has to throw at you and smile anyway.

“I choose to smile through my pain, my joy and my entire life”

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx



  1. GOOD synthesis!! 😍

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  2. velmadunkin · June 2, 2018

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    I choose to smile through my pain


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