Choose Happiness Today


How happy you are is dependent on one thing – YOU! Why let anything interfere with that??

The Angels will repeat it as much as it needs to be repeated… How you feel can only be influenced by you.

It is totally up to you how you will allow yourself to react to something.

It is totally up to you who you will allow to rain on your happiness parade.

And yes I know, if shit is shit then why should I feel happy? Ummm firstly, I can guarantee there will ALWAYS be something that you can dig up to be happy about, even if that something is you are still breathing.

Secondly – there are people out in the world that have or have had it tough and yet still their smiles light up a room – because they chose to be happy despite their circumstances. Because they know that life can change in an instant. Because they know that in order to get better than what they have- they need to be happy and grateful regardless to attract that good juju.

So choose happy today despite anything and everything!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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