Wonders of the sky

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I have always been drawn to the sky from as far back as I can remember.

As a little girl I recall talking to the man in the moon on car drives home and trying to find shooting stars to wish upon. I would look into the day’s sky and work out what the clouds were trying to form and just watch them meander by.

The sky has been calling to me again the last few months as I get more and more into my spiritual journey. Sometimes I can be doing something inside when I feel that inner calling to take a step outside, and if I ignore it, then it turns into a huge urging that doesn’t go away until I do what it is telling me and usually the sky will put on a wonderful show for me – whether it is cloud formations, beautiful colours or rainbows showing to say hi or sun rays that always feels godlike and extraordinary. It is always magical and brings a tear of joy to my eye and makes me realise I am seeing true beauty at its finest and special messages sent from above.

The night sky has also been calling my name, especially as I get into the moon cycles and doing my moon rituals at the new and full moon. There is nothing more fulfilling than sitting under the moon, soaking up its fabulous energy and feeling the stars and planets give their own special brand of energy. The stars always feel like long lost friends to me as I sit under them and I always talk to them and thank them.

I was even urged to wake up at a super early time recently to go and sit under the sky when the five planets were aligned. At first when I was trying so hard to see them, I couldn’t – funny how that seems to happen. When I actually sat down and relaxed – they lit up and showed the path to take with ease and I was in awe and sat there drinking in the beauty and energy.

It is not always limited to the actual sky though, I am noticing that beautiful meditations that I am a part of have the stars in them, which just goes to show I am on the right path and they are there for me.


It reminded me that over 10 years ago, I did a little ceremony with some incredible spiritual people in Holland. A few of us sat out on a trampoline in the back yard and just centred and meditated for a short time to really focus and just allow. After that it was a matter of asking for the star that is yours and wants to be your friend to come forward and show itself. It was truly an amazing experience and I remember just how bright a certain star shone and seemed to get bigger just to say HI, it’s me!! You could then know that that star was always there for you and help you any way it can.

I would talk to this star, give my worries to this star and ask for energy when I felt I needed it. It was a case of having another spiritual helper out there for you. Funnily enough I had forgotten all about my star till a few months ago when I was urged to tell a friend to do this and realised how much I had neglected the star that shone so bright so I would know it was mine.

So now I speak to my star as well as the rest of the sky. It calms me, it settles me and makes me know there is so much out there that although you may not see, they are there for you in so many different ways.

Make friends with a star today and let your star become another part of your spiritual posse. Learn to look above and see the wonder and beauty that they are trying to show you – night and day!


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


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