When life hands you lemons… go make lemonade… or add them to tequila!!


I have always liked the saying but never really applied it to my own life before this year, and even then, it would still take a big dose of Ego related stuff to come up before the ‘Let’s go make lemonade’ analogy would be applied.

It can be really hard when difficult situations crop up to see the good side of it, to be able to let it go and know that everything is happening for a reason and for your higher good. Instead letting Ego take the reins and see only the bad, catastrophic worst case scenario thinking, and everything negative it possibly can.

I have been having one of those trying moments for the last week or so as the love of my life and I go through some stuff.

At first the good old, oh woe is me, this is it – it is totally over, how could he do this again and so forth made a break for it, and I totally wallowed in those thoughts for a few hours that night that made everything that much worse between us because yes I did the dreaded call when you are upset and basking in all the negative glory that totally does not make anything okay! I do not recommend doing that!

The next day though I got up and decided to kick my own butt and really look at what was going on…

I did a lot of soul searching and realised there was a pattern that had played out in my childhood that I am still indulging in now – don’t get me wrong it is not done knowingly but once I asked myself where was this coming from – it showed it pretty damn quickly and I was able to work through it, process and correlate it to what is happening now and continues happening in my life today. It also led to a few other situations from back then that were also playing out today. To give you an example to help you do it in your own life… my childhood was always full of dramas thanks to my mum – it was like a soap opera brought to life. Nothing could ever go smoothly and nice, if it did something would be said/happen by said parent to throw everything into chaos again. Now I love a nice happy life, but because that was my childhood and I have never dealt with that particular issue, unknowingly, I started creating the same in my life. I don’t need to start it all myself as I have put that energy out in the universe so it can only respond in kind. So here I was forever wondering why I couldn’t catch a break… no more. I know exactly where it stems from and that load of dung is going right back where it belongs!!

It was a big heads up to me as well that I needed to do some more work on me around loving myself, being deserving and fully accepting myself for me as I am – in other words I am okay exactly as I am – no buts, if only, shoulds allowed. As although I come far this year, there must be still some issues/blocks around it otherwise I wouldn’t be attracting these kinds of things in my life. Working on loving yourself is always a continual process that you really cannot get slack on.

Now don’t get me wrong, my love is not without blame and his own issues – but there is nothing I can do about that, that is for him to look at and deal with and all I can do is work on myself to bring my own vibrations and energies up and stop the negative chatter that comes with these types of situations. I cannot change the love of my life, I can only change my reaction to them and make sure I am putting out the highest vibrations possible so I get them back in return. I have to put faith in us and our love and stop waiting for that proverbial penny to drop.


What I am getting at is these types of negative/ crappy situations have a lot of good in them as well, and it is our choice whether we let them drag us down into the mud or whether we take the lesson it is trying to teach us and do it wholeheartedly. I know which one I choose to do.


Till next time…keep walking your spiritual path xx





  1. palmina11outlookcom · January 14, 2016


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  2. WhiteLightGarden · January 14, 2016

    From the Heart. Love it

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  3. mystic gitana · January 14, 2016

    Tequila it is!:-D I think I’d have liters of it by now if applied the rule;-) Never too late, right? All the best

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  4. Donna Frasca · January 14, 2016

    I JUST posted a similar thing on my AngelHug234 blog yesterday! Someone was talking about the “dark side” and I wanted nothing to do with it – no way no how! Well that night I guess my Spirit did a lot of “face your fears” work for me and long story short, opened up TWO very important gifts for me – Shaman healing and Aura seeing. It’s amazing that how light comes out of dark. I love your story!

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    • yellowwolf80 · January 14, 2016

      Absolutely! That’s great that gifts opened up for you! Gotta love that. Loving how light comes out of dark xx


  5. Lulu · January 14, 2016

    I have learned similar lessons about how issues from childhood tend to crop up later in life. You’re right…we can’t change the past or the other person(s) involved, but we can always change ourselves and how we see/react to given situations. Sometimes, we just have to get to know ourselves better, use some self-compassion, and learn…always be learning!

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  6. Advanced Research Technology · January 14, 2016

    It reminds me, spirits are so generational. A while back, my wife and I took some time out and worked through a great many of the different poorly-handled ways of doing things that came down through our lineage. It was revolutional and most def led to greater happiness.
    If we can go back and look at why we are doing things and locate either the original spirits or present triggers, we can, will, and do correct in these areas with a little help from Spirit to keep us strong.
    Nothing like getting rid of a load of #@%^.

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    • yellowwolf80 · January 14, 2016

      Totally! And yes it’s great having spirit there to help and also keep us strong!

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  7. Megha Agrawal · January 14, 2016

    Love reading your posts you just uplift my mood and make my thought process more positive. I particularly loved these lines “I cannot change the love of my life, I can only change my reaction to them and make sure I am putting out the highest vibrations possible so I get them back in return. ”
    Keep writing and please do keep sharing your pearls of wisdom.

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  8. Mysticalwriter · January 15, 2016

    Thank you for the insightful post! I have nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award

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