Random Clarity



‘It is time to breathe life and love into that dull flame that resides within and allow that flame to burn bright and illuminate the planet’


I love those moments of absolute Clarity that totally blindsides you with a big smack upside the head and everything brightens to be crystal clear.

How seemingly small things that snag your attention end up accumulating into that big epic smackdown.

I had one of those moments today, it felt like it came out of nowhere but if I am honest with myself, it has been brewing for the last few days, I just didn’t want to look at it. I couldn’t tell you the exact instant I decided to listen to what my intuition was screaming at me, it just seemed to happen out of nowhere and BOOM!!

What did I do that was so epic? I simply let go and surrendered… Now some may say is that all?  Some will shake their head and go wow how did you do that? depending on where you are at in life. Where am I in life? I am at the point where I need to let the burdens go, to let the lower energies of negativity, fear, worry, doubt and so forth be washed away as they are no longer needed. To finally learn those lessons so that I can move on to joy, peace and happiness, to step in to my own power.

I always felt I had to really look at and deal with what I needed to let go and surrender. To understand it and know every little in and out before the letting go process could commence, and even then I wasn’t truly letting it go, obviously, I always held part of it back for whatever reason.  Today though I realised you don’t have to know it all, to just fully lift those arms up to the universe and say wholeheartedly that you surrender is enough. You can say what you want to release but ultimately it comes in the full surrender and letting go and not needing to get caught up in those pesky details. They know what you need to let go of in order to step closer to your true self.

The release was immense… My throat felt tight with millions of emotion bottled inside, my heart felt so pained, my old way of thinking could have been sure a heart attack was imminent. Whether it was a build-up of all the burdens and muck I have carried or a test to see if I would revert to my old way of being or perhaps a handy collection of both… Either way I still surrendered… I didn’t default to my usual panic attack and I just allowed. I trusted in my own soul to know we were safe and it was for my higher good, I trusted in my spiritual crew that all was going to be ok and this was necessary. I basically let all control go from my head to my heart space and soul and surrendered to whatever needed to be.


Afterwards? RELIEF and some releasing tears of joy and relief, which I am still sitting in as I write this.  I feel utterly whole and at one with myself, whereas normally there would be a very divided feeling within me.

Am I miraculously cured? maybe not, there may be some side shuffles left in my future as I navigate this new way of being. But I know there is no way I can truly go back to how I was only hours ago. Either way I have let go of the need to control and will be at one with whatever comes my way.


Is it time for you to fully surrender and just let go? Try it, I dare you!!


Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx



  1. ravenwing72 · December 5, 2015

    Sometimes, just going with the flow is the only way to cope with life.x

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  2. Palmina · December 5, 2015

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Only today did I have one of my own releases and now I’m reading this! This is totally resonating big time!! And your very first paragraph has stirred something inside me. My heart/solar plexus have shifted in a positive way – I’m loving this feeling! Ty!! Love your blogs so much!! xxx

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  3. gaiainaction · December 5, 2015

    That is so very beautiful Yellowwolf, thank you.

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  4. susiemorley · December 5, 2015

    This is going to be long. Only because I too have had a very similar experience over the last few days. Only now reading your blog it becomes clear.
    For the last few days being a part of all adult conversations, I have found myself consciously hearing loudly the negate comments. I didn’t think it was affecting me, however how can it not. Talk of terrorism, cheating, sexual and physical abuse, shark attacks etc. My one true place I feel at peace (the beach) is where I usually
    really let go, to have the fear continually shoved in my face on being eaten by a shark.
    I thought I was coming down with the flu yesterday. My head was pounding, my chest so tight, I spent the entire day and night practically sleeping. I’ve woken this morning to read your blog and right away my I can breath, my headache is going, and finally feelings of happiness.
    I always feel I need to fix the world and people’s lives around me. Only now I can clearly see, everyone has their own journey and although I will always be there for support and listen to their concerns, it is just that, their journey and their concerns. From this day forward I will consiously stop the weight of negitivity on my shoulders. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel a world better 😍😘

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  5. yellowwolf80 · December 5, 2015

    Beautiful! And so glad it helped you to see! Definitely you can be there for others but you do not need to carry it for yourself! After interactions like that – ask AA Michael to use his sword of light to cut any cords or attachments you may be carrying from others and cut that crap away! Love you xx


  6. Advanced Research Technology · December 6, 2015

    This was wonderful. It left a single thought shooting through my being though, so I think I will share it with you. This is all a creation process. That which we hold on to is the world we have created around ourselves. When we let go of emotion, especially negative emotion, it is like hitting a cosmic reset. The universe around us can now project back at us the more positive viewpoint we have now adopted. Happy creation in the positive!

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  7. yellowwolf80 · December 6, 2015

    Oh I love that!! Happy creation indeed! Thanks so much for sharing 😍


  8. leannenz · December 6, 2015

    Lovely. Sometimes it is hard to let go but once done the relief and freedom can be incredible. I have used this post as inspiration for my #44 post scheduled on Dec 12 on You Inspire Me. Thank you for following and I hope you enjoy the post as much as I enjoyed yours!


  9. dray0308 · December 6, 2015

    Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    This is Yellow Wolf Enlightenment!!


  10. wisewoodpidgeon · December 7, 2015

    This is awesome and epic and wonderful. Go you!!! 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your posts

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