Soul guide meet and greet


When I was doing a beginners spirituality course with the Super J, one of the subjects we touched on was connecting with your soul guide – that wonderful light being who has been with you since birth. Now while I always knew we had guides, angels etc. and remember talking to my ‘imaginary friends’ when I was younger,  the thought of connecting with my own soul guide, had my Ego standing at attention, defending its spot as my right hand man.

I was told mine had a beautiful grandmotherly warm feeling to her that sounded beautiful but still I was resisting (or Ego was resisting more to the point). We were encouraged to begin talking to them and try to connect with them. Asking them to step into our energy and so forth to begin that connection and knowing how to tell it was them…

I SUCKED!!!!! I could not get myself out of my head, and the more I forced it, the worse it became. Ego was definitely in control and resisting this most beautiful connection.

Super J had a one on one session with me to try and connect with her. One and half hours later, and I still wasn’t getting anywhere, apart from shaky and panicky. Super J managed to calm me down and got me to let go and finally…. A tickling through my hair and down my arm that made me giggle and lighten up which is exactly what she was after! Then the most overwhelming feeling of unconditional love poured over me that caused tears to rain down my face before I even knew I was moved to shed them!

Now I’d like to say that from here on out, me and my soul guide were like two peas in a pod… but no, Ego was still hanging in there quite nicely and the connection was still not hugely there, and I wasn’t taking the time to strengthen it.

I was told to try and find her name out and kept getting Mother Mary over and over again. As you can imagine Ego jumped all over that one and scoffed and said there was NOOOO way it can be that, so I ignored my instinct and forgot about it.

It was when I began my mentoring sessions with Super J that things began to change. I realised that the tickling feeling on top of my head that I was feeling all the time was indeed my soul guide and not some annoying unseen bug I could never find.  I mentioned the Mary name that I had been getting as a bit of a joke, and wouldn’t you know it, Mary is her name!!! She had been using Mother Mary to really try and grab my attention (not that it helped with Ego on board).

Once I had a name and Super J’s homework to do, something deep inside shifted and the connection was on as Ego was forced to take a backseat way back in the trunk.

I was very dedicated and started my one hour weekly sessions with Mary where I would sit, do my protecting rituals and start. I found it easier to get her to pull an oracle card as that seemed to get the ball rolling, and then I would auto write anything she wanted to tell me.

It was during these sessions that other guides starting popping out of the woodwork, but more on them later!

Now it seems like Mary is just a part of me, much like my hair or skin. I don’t need to sit down and concentrate to connect and get information like I used too, it’s now an automatic part of me that just happens, unless Ego is having a control day, then it can be a little harder but not impossible. I will still sit down if I need answers or feel the need but I am learning to listen to all of them on a daily basis.

It is the most amazing feeling in the world to know and have your guides standing by your side giving you love and unconditional support in whichever way you need it. My spiritual skills have greatly increased as I learn from them, listen to them and reconnect back in with my inner light.

Have you met your guides? How do you connect with your guides if you do? I would love to hear your stories!

Don’t stress if you are finding it hard, just know it will come!

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx


  1. WhiteLightGarden · November 15, 2015

    Love it. Cannot say more but you have left me with a smile on my face and heart. Proud of you Miss J x

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  2. Donna Frasca · November 15, 2015

    I also have a great connection with Mother Mary and I’m in the process of adding Divinely inspired paintings to my blog, Angel Hug. The first one is of Mother Mary.

    What a beautiful expense you had! But isn’t it so true – that darn ego gets in the way but when we make the connection with our Angels or Spirit Guides, ego goes out the window and you are now 100% sure of the connection. Amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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    • yellowwolf80 · November 16, 2015

      I know, I saw your picture and love it!!

      Oh definitely!

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      • Donna Frasca · November 17, 2015

        that was just part of it but you get the idea. I love paintings that are inspired by the Divine! Thanks so much 🙂

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  3. gaiainaction · November 21, 2015

    Have been told my guide is Kuan Yin, goddess of compassion. It was nice to know about this, but I have not done anything about it. Enjoyed your write-up about finding your guide.

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  4. thelonelyauthorblog · November 23, 2015

    Good post.


  5. Loki's Little Hippie Witch · November 28, 2015

    I was told one of my guides is a Native American medicine woman. But I’ve “heard” two different male voices that I can’t place. More guides, perhaps? One sounded a lot like Nathan Lane, the other sounded like Sam Elliott! XD


    • yellowwolf80 · November 28, 2015

      Definitely more guides by the sounds of it! Great voices! I also have quite a few guides and then some that just pop in every now and then when I need them. Enjoy them 😆

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      • Loki's Little Hippie Witch · November 29, 2015

        I’ve only heard them each one time, and it was when I just was NOT getting it. I’m in a period where I’m headblind most of the time and it’s hard to get a clear message to me. Nobody could get through and I was making a pig’s breakfast of things. They chimed in, very briefly, with a short bit of clarification. How they managed to get through when no one else could, I have no idea. XD

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  6. amanpan · December 14, 2015

    I have nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. The nominees are under no obligation to pass on the award. I pass the award to those that I follow and enjoy their talent, as well as those that are supportive of my blogs. Instructions are posted in my blog:

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  7. Bev · December 15, 2015

    Very interesting. Having grown up Christian, such things would have been considered heresy. My first horse in my forties changed all of that. He came with a vision, a visitation, and in a dream, things I had never experienced before. He also took me out of the traditional horse world, and began teaching me through writing. He, by impression, asked me to sit with him in the pasture and write. It wasn’t really automatic writing, but I would write questions of him and then get interesting thoughts, and would write them down. Although very dignified and often aloof, he would follow me around like a puppy when he had something important to tell me. But I still didn’t get it until years later when I received a knowing that we had come here together and that he was my guide (including a deeply personal explanation of his position in the spiritual realm). After that soft. sweet, and powerful revelation, I walked up to him one day while he was eating his hay, and I said playfully, “I know who you are!” Without missing a beat with his food, he raised his head and nudged my arm, then went back to his eating. I was filled with warmth and affirmation.

    Sadly, he died 2 weeks ago on December 1, prematurely actually (another story), even though he was 33. He recently told me he had merged with me and I’m learning a new way of being with him. Thanks for your post. It has drawn this to my attention and caused me to really own it. Because of my religious background, I developed a habit through the years of holding these new and sacred things very secret, mentioning it to only close friends though I write some watered down versions on my blog. He has changed my life and has taken me on a very mystical path learning to live outside the box in what I call the “home” place. I will be writing a tribute to him on my blog when I (or we) am ready.

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  8. Mysticalwriter · January 6, 2016

    Awesome post!

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  9. sheldonk2014 · June 4, 2016

    Thank you for visiting
    I am a true believer
    It what guides me and the path
    great post
    As always Sheldon

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  10. Amber Choisella · July 14, 2016

    Yeah the ego can definitely get in the way of enlightenment and helping others but it’s important to recognize this as a fact and move past it, that’s when the real stuff happens as you know! Discovery is never ending and it’s always amazing when something new is experienced! I love to read about others spiritual journey and experience, thank you for sharing!!!


  11. claire · September 22, 2016

    I’m coming at this from a different angle being what I guess you’d call a non conformist Christian (I’d never fit in with a regular church lol!). My mother was physic, due to which I’ve always been aware of the spirit world and “helpers”. I found Christianity gave me a needed protection and discernment about the spirit world – I don’t find the two contradictory.
    Who is my helper or guide? I’ve had many at different times in my life according to need, and of course my major one has been Jesus for many years now, we chat all the time and I know I’d never have made it through my adventurous life without him, I’d be long dead lol! Other than that the one that stands out seems strangely to be a young teenage boy (I’m 65 now but perhaps that’s why I still feel so young inside). I’ve never learnt his name, but I’ve always felt he was special.


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