Where do I start?? A newby bloggers dilemma….

I’ve been thinking on this blog for awhile now, where do I start, how much information do I spew out, how do I word it, all these great sounding sentences I make in my head that go no further and happen at the worst time when you can’t get them down, what will people think??…… So many how’s, where’s, why’s and what ifs  – that I finally had a whisper in my ear from my well meaning guides saying ‘just start’. It doesn’t matter if you don’t start from the beginning or where you want to, just start and it will happen. When the right information needs to be told, it will. Stop procrastinating and just go and get something down on paper…

So this is me getting it down on paper. You are going to get stuff from right now, then be blown into my past only to be propelled into the future. You will get my musings, my guides I’m sure will contribute as well as maybe the odd Angel and other spiritual beings, guidance and whatever else crops up. You’ll get my upbeat days as well as my feeling very human days. I have no idea where this blog will go on its journey, how many twists and turns it will take and where it’ll end up, all I do know is it will be one hell of a journey that I can’t wait to take.

Till next time… Keep walking your spiritual path x



  1. susiemorley · October 8, 2015

    Awesome. Sounds great, can’t wait to see what you post next. I think I might be as excited as you lol 😊

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  2. Judy · October 8, 2015

    I am intrigued to see whats next

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  3. Sandy Walker · November 7, 2015

    Hi, there! Thanks for liking my post and commenting. I’m glad you started blogging – share your truth with the world. We need your voice. 🙂 I like your tag line “Till next time… Keep walking your spiritual path x” That’s very cool and original.

    By the way, I was wondering … who are you? Most blogs that I check out have an “About Me” tab where the author describes themselves. Sometimes they include a picture too. I think that helps your readers connect with you. It makes you “real”. 🙂

    I saw your post about meditation – have you read my simplified version of it? It’s super easy to do – let me know what affect it has on you. http://us6.campaign-archive1.com/?u=5a30a63e67e6fec1e2f34541b&id=96554fbfe6

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    • yellowwolf80 · November 7, 2015

      I do have to do the about me – you’re right!! I will go and check it out, thank you!


    • yellowwolf80 · November 16, 2015

      I took your awesome advice and have completed the about me section and added a pic! It’s not a massive blurb just yet but it’s there all the same!

      I loved the meditation! I am finding the breathing a lil hard as I am a panic attack sufferer so breathing doesn’t come easily to me, but I love thanking God and feeling him during a meditation! Thank you!!!

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